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What is Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons MORPG?

About the Game:

Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons is a single/multiplayer fantasy online experience based upon the Fasaria World Online game and story. Unravel the mystery behind an elusive force threatening Fasaria and her 3 moons. Build your character, space station and travel through the planetarium to discover Fasaria’s secrets.

■ No Need for Item Shop. All Platinum Tokens and Extras can be earned fairly in game.
■ New in game Leaderboard added. Climb the ranks and reach greatness.
■ Explore Fasaria and her 3 moons.
■ Journey through the Planetarium.
■ Populate and build your space station.
■ Level up your skills and character.
■ Collect tribute from your fleet.
■ Play slots to earn Platinum Tokens.
■ Gain karma and earn rewards.

What is Fasaria World: Browser MO?

About the Game:

Fasaria World: Browser MO is a strategy, building RPG style multiplayer online game that can be played through any web browser even on your tablet or phone. Fasaria World Online is STEAM community exclusive which means ALL of our active members are from the steam community. Our membership requires a one time fee to join so no need to worry about having to pay to win, no annoying banner ads or other revenue earning schemes, just a great game. This model was also designed to support an active and cohesive community exclusive to it’s members.
Our VIP Shop:

Our game has a VIP shop where various upgrades and resources can be purchased through the game but nothing in the VIP Shop requires real money to buy. All rewards, upgrades, resource packages and even VIP membership can be earned fairly through achievements earned within the game.